Élishia Sharie Creative [ESC] is a Los Angeles-based creative agency that creates dynamic marketing collateral and branding solutions. We work with brands and top-tier individuals who are looking to escape the clutches of ordinary creative, shift their industry, and command the audience they deserve. We take an innovative approach to each client’s project—creating visuals that challenge their industry “norm.”

We Dont Just Create Pretty, We Create Impact

Graphic Design

ESC creates vibrantly fresh digital and printed marketing collateral.

Web Design

Responsive, mobile-friendly, contemporary websites that tell your brand's story.


We develop a consistent visual aesthetic and messaging to establish or redefine your brand.

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing and SEO services to grow your audience through online engagement.

Photo & Video

ESC puts the spotlight on your brand through captivating visuals and imagery.


We work with brands and recording artists to craft their sonic identity.

Industries We Are [shift]ing

Our agency is helping many industry shifters to command the audiences they deserve.

We collaborate with businesses and brands from a variety of industries:

Arts / Entertainment
News & Media

Health & Beauty
Business Services
Real Estate
Food & Beverage

Ready to esc + shift + cmd?

Use the form below to inquire about a project or ask us any questions. We are currently booking new projects as we revamp our site!